The Third Eye Films is your effective, efficient and reliable communication partner. It is the melting pot of talents, brought in by young media professionals, with wide experience and academic background, who have joined hands to form this organization.

Video Production

Corporate Films, Documentary etc.


Video ads,digital advertising and print ads.


Responsive Websites design and development..


Complete branding solutions for startups.


Logo designing, banner,poster,hoarding designing etc.


Product photography for e-commerce....

Recent Works

Show case of the ongoing/recently completed projects.

Marine Engineer

The engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure, as well as oceanographic engineering.



Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.



A chef is a highly trained and skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation of a particular cuisine.


Architect engineer

Also known as building engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction.


Video Editor

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work.


Sound engineer

The recording, manipulation using equalization and electronic effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound.



Typical biochemists study chemical processes and chemical transformations in living organisms.


Automobile engineer

A career as an automobile engineer is for people who are driven and passionate about cars.



Video production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. This can include production of television commercials, corporate videos, event videos and special-interest home videos.

Corporate Films

Corporate video production, refers to audio-visual corporate communication material, commissioned primarily for use by a company or an organisation.

Documentary Films

A documentary film is a non-fictional motion picture, intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purpose of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.

Educational Films

An educational film is a film or movie, whose primary purpose is to educate. Educational films have been used in classrooms as an alternate to other teaching methods.

Instructional Videos

An instructional video is a video or movie, whose primary purpose is to give step by step instruction with visuals to complete a task.

Product Videos

Product videos from companies inspire consumers to understand the product better, and believe in their product and buy.

Concept Videos

In this new age of STARTUPs, new business ideas are floating around.A concept video visually represents the "IDEA" .

Why People like us?

We are

your effective, efficient and reliable communication partner.

Our strength in this already established market is our newness. We are fresh minds with lots of dynamic ideas for your branding.
We believe in tailor made solutions for all your branding needs. We have in depth knowledge of our customers’ needs.It’s like walking into a store, and finding what you want. Products or services are made or recommended just for you.
Our entire team is experienced in handling time bound projects and meeting deadlines. We take pride in delivering on time. No matter how small the time frame, we will find a way to get the job done.


A 'Content Management System' allows one to control and manage the content within web site. Using this uncomplicated system we can very easily add, delete images and edit text in web sites on the fly.

Online Store

We help you set up your online store. Online shopping has grown in popularity over the years, mainly because people find it convenient and easy to shop from the comfort of their home or office.

All device Ready

We develop Responsive Web sites design that responds to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images .

Your online identity

Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name that is easier to remember and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

Storage online

We provide the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

we create your Email address with your registered domain name and also an email client for your desktop or mobile device, manage your online storage etc.


“It has been a pleasure working with The Third Eye Films. The team was able to pinpoint on what we were looking for and give us exactly what we wanted”

-Mr. G.S.K. Menon/ MD Potissimus Fashions & Decors Pvt Ltd

“These guys work on such a tight deadline. We had to get a visual presentation ready at the last moment and they got it done for us in a matter of days. Keep up the good work guys !! ”

-Mr. Ajit Nair/DGM: Canara Bank

Our Clients

We are proud to be associated with our valuable clients.

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